Nancy I., Innovator of Speech assistive programs

Feeling such gratitude right now. My knee seems to be back to about 98%. You're a miracle worker! Thank you thank you

Ginny W., Nutrition & weight loss client, long time practice member

"The Purification cleanse is great and I lost weight smiley smile! I ordered the Catalyn™ via Patient Direct and I'm taking 3 per day. My energy is outstanding! Thank you so much Doc!" - Big Hug, Ginny

Brenda, Sales Representative and Substitute Teacher, 10/13/08

"I was previously under the care of a team of doctors, arranged by an attorney, who recommended physical therapy three times weekly, muscle relaxers, pain medication and a cane for my ailments. I was then brought to Dr. Wagner's office by a marketing company offering me a 30 minute evaluation free of charge. Once in Dr. Wagner's care I explained to him that use of the cane had closed many doors for me and had caused great shoulder pain. He gave me exercises to do which greatly improved my range of motion and shoulder pain, and within the first few procedures my need for the cane had stopped and the pain also experienced during movement of my right leg, which had caused severe pain for three years, was totally eliminated. Further, when Dr. Wagner asked me what medications I was taking, I told him I was on Atenolol and Maxzide which concerned him due to their diuretic side effects, known to deplete nutrients in the body. Dr. Wagner put me on a NutraMetrix program which eliminated inflammation and fluid retention within my body. Soon thereafter, my doctor eliminated one of the prescriptions I was taking because there was no more swelling, and my blood pressure had returned to normal. I have since returned to operating effectively and much more efficiently. I can dance, work efficiently, and substitute teach in physical education and active positions. Dr. Wagner totally changed my quality of life."

Walter O., Civil engineer, retired(Exerpt from a personal card to Dr. Wagner)

...to praise you for all the help and guidance and even proactiveness, scheduling an appointment with [orthopedist], and extra care and personal concern you have shown us...you are light hearted, yet warm hearted. Thank you very much! Two very grateful people, Walter and Linda [daughter]